Collaborating with value chain partners is crucial for sustainability - An interview with Pearce Signs

Pearce Signs are experienced independent signage, branding, interiors, electrical, and digital specialists and work with a wide range of local, national, and global brands.

Sustainability has become increasingly important across the whole graphics industry in the UK. Avery Dennison aims to both participate and initiate discussions on this vital topic. We work together with like-minded partners to understand the challenges in our self-adhesive graphics market, and to develop new more sustainable solutions. 

We recently met with Richard, the Head of Engineering and Sustainability at Pearce Signs. It was a valuable opportunity to learn about their initiatives over the past few years - how they have embraced sustainability and met key challenges. Richard believes that a collaborative approach to sustainability is the way forward, and he shares his vision for the future in our video, discussing how others can learn from their experiences. 

According to Richard, when it comes to sustainability, many companies still focus primarily on their operations and not necessarily on what they offer to their clients. He sees engaging with clients as a critically important way to understand their needs and by examining current specifications, companies can better advise on more sustainable solutions.

By collaborating with companies like Pearce Signs, Avery Dennison is encouraging brands and service providers to embrace sustainable practices and make a meaningful impact on the graphics industry. 

Take a look at our video interview to find out more! 

For more information about our sustainability commitment, you can visit our sustainability page on our website and take a look at our Sustainability FAQ page.