Squid® Window Textile

Squid is a self-adhesive transparent textile for covering indoor glass windows, doors, and glass partitions.

As part of the Interior Design Collection, Squid® Window Textile expands your design options for interior windows which enables you to see out, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in during the day.

The fabric has a natural and elegant character which allows to upgrade a room by dressing up the windows or glass partitions in a minimal and stylish way.  

Squid® is also available in an opaque version, in which a tightly woven textile finish provides full privacy while allowing light to shine through  


Key Benefits

PVC Free

  • Sustainable Solutions

100% Woven Polyester Textile

  • Add a warm, cozy and minimalist touch to any interior design

Privacy protection

  • See through from the inside, obscured view from the outside

Solar protection

  • Keeps up to 1/3 of the heat outside

Printable across all main digital platforms

  • Eco/mild solvent, latex & UV compatibility

Choose your colour

  • 6 different options: Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash, Rock and Coal

Squid Product Overview

Squid can also be printed on with a variety of printing techniques, giving designers new commercial and marketing opportunities to explore. Its versatility and simplicity already have made it a big hit in the interior design and architecture markets.                                                                                                                           



SQUID Manual for shipments

1.1 MB (pdf)
SQUID Manual for shipments

Squid Opaque Window Textile

57.1 KB (pdf)
Squid Opaque Window Textile

Squid Window Textile - Technical Data Sheet

96.0 KB (pdf)
Squid Window Textile - Technical Data Sheet

Squid Opaque Window Textile - Technical Data Sheet

96.6 KB (pdf)
Squid Opaque Window Textile - Technical Data Sheet

Product Videos

What is Squid?                              
Instructional video for large surfaces
Instructional video for small and normal surfaces
How to remove bubbles?                              
How to maintain Squid?                             
Attention points during application                           
Squid Semi Transparent vs. Opaque                             
New! Squid Opaque

Squid Opaque Privacy

Squid Opaque Solar Protection                              
Squid Semi Transparent & Squid Opaque
Introducing Squid Opaque
Explore Tomorrow Squid Window Textile Review by the product manager           

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