Sustainable Graphics Solutions

As a leader in the Graphics industry, we play an important role in providing our customers with an informed set of sustainable options. We are making a material difference by sourcing responsibly, reducing our operational footprint, and incorporating an EcoDesign methodology for our product developments. Our goal is to advance our sustainability commitment, collaborating closely with key players across the value chain.


We develop products with sustainability in mind, from the materials we use, to how they’re constructed or treated at end-of-life.

Our Sustainable Graphics Solutions portfolio gives our customers access to the new generation of more sustainable products. Each product in the portfolio qualifies by meeting one or more of our criteria.

Sustainable Sourcing

We take great care in the selection of our suppliers to ensure that they uphold our sustainability principles. We aim for 100% of our raw materials to be responsibly sourced. Our key suppliers are assessed and rated by EcoVadis - a platform that allows us to monitor their Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impact.   

  • Our paper related suppliers are mostly FSC® Certified
  • Our packaging is made with recycled paper and plastics                


Our Offices and Facilities

In 2019 we reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by almost 8,000 Metric Tonnes. Further initiatives include investigation into renewable energy sources. In addition, we have invested in equipment advances to reduce manufacturing waste - and recover, recycle and reuse most of the solvents used in the adhesive coating process of critical product lines.

  • 8000 tonnes less  emissions from our manufacturing facilities
  • Removing single use plastics
  • Reducing manufacturing waste             


Sustainable by Design

Our EcoDesign methodology considers the environmental impact of any new product development at the first concept and design phase, to ensure that each successive generation of product is more sustainable than the last.


Our Solar Window Films are designed to block UV and IR light - reducing heat build up within a room and significantly reducing the workload on air conditioning systems and reducing  energy consumption.

Our 5600 LD Translucent Film and Flexible Substrate Signage Pro product ranges have been specifically designed for compatibility with LED light boxes - enabling high visibility and energy efficient night time signage.



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