ICS Warranty Programme

Our dedication to the quality performance of our products is our highest priority and this commitment ensures that every product we manufacture is designed, engineered, and tested with one goal in mind – your complete satisfaction. That’s why all Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions products are covered by our general product warranty. Going a step further is the Avery Dennison’s Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Programme. Split into two robust levels; ICS Performance Guarantee and ICS Platinum Warranty, you can be certain that we provide the right coverage whatever your project. Request and manage your Avery Dennison warranties online with our E-Warranty Platform, giving you easy access and real time information on your warranty request. No matter what your application, Avery Dennison gives you the confidence of knowing that our range of high performance innovative products are backed with a warranty you can trust.

ICS Platinum Warranty

The ICS Platinum Warranty provides ultimate peace of mind to the end-user for even the most demanding applications - and is customized for individual Graphics projects.

This Platinum Warranty program combines a specification process with specialised graphics converters and installers - to provide the highest level of quality and ultimate performance of the finished applied graphic. The Platinum Warranty is available upon a mutual agreed between the customer and Avery Dennison only. Please contact your distributor or local sales agent for more information. 

ICS Performance Guarantee

The ICS Performance Guarantee assures the performance of our films with a wide range of qualified components and printer platforms. This is a result of many years of joint development work with industry leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers – and will continue to expand as new products are introduced to the market.

The ICS Performance Guarantee is provided to all customers upon the mutual agreement between the customer and Avery Dennison, on the understanding that they are working according to the relevant Avery Dennison Technical Bulletins associated with that product                                                                   

ICS E-Warranty Platform

Request & manage your Avery Dennison warranties online!

  • Available for all Avery Dennison warranties. *
  • All your warranties and additional documents in one place.
  • Easily providable information for the warranty request.
  • Real time information about the status of your warranty.