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Colour matching service

Fast, accurate and convenient

Many graphics projects require a film in exactly the right colour – either to match an existing brand or to meet a demanding design specification.

You need to see a matched sample quickly, with a precise colour. You may also need to order only a small quantity of the colour-matched film. 

The Avery Dennison colour matching service offers decades of experience for the best results: 

  • one roll minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our flagship signage products* 
  • millions of possible colours for precise matching
  • colour-matched sample despatched to you in as little as two days
  • use any standard colour reference system (e.g. RAL, PMS, Pantone, NCS)
  • send us a physical sample if you prefer  

Avery Dennison actively welcomes your colour challengesContact us today and let us assist you with your project.  

*For 900 Super Cast and 5500QM Translucent films.

Product Standard Width Roll Length Minimum Order Quantity (Rolls) Production Lead Time Lead time to match the sample (excl. delivery)
Avery Dennison 900 SC 1.23m 50m 1 10 days 2 days
Avery Dennison 800 PC 1.23m 50m 5 14 days 5 days
Avery Dennison 700 PF 1.23m 50m 80 min. 8 weeks 10-15 days
Avery Dennison 500 EF 1.23m 50m 120 min. 8 weeks 10-15 days
Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film 1.52m 25m 10 4 weeks 10 days
Avery Dennison Facade Film 1.23m 50m 2 14 days 2 days
Avery Dennison 5600 LD 1.23m 50m 1 14 days 3 days
Avery Dennison 5500 QM 1.23m 50m 1 10 days 3 days
Avery Dennison 4500 TF 1.23m 50m 60 min. 4 weeks 10-15 days
Avery Dennison 5300 Blockout Films 1.23m 50m 5 max. 4 weeks 5 days
Avery Dennison Screenprinting Films (900QM, 4900QM, 6900 series)
1.23m 50m On request On request 3 days