Organoid Natural Surfaces: Now appearing on TV

Making a print firm’s new building stand out with facade renovation at Material Solutions

The challenge 

Famous Polish interior architect Tomasz Pągowski and his team were looking for inspiration when making an episode of the show “Remont u Ciebie” (Renovation for You). The Canal+ Domo channel is dedicated to interior design, and the challenge for this particular episode was to arrange a family house bedroom in a way that would better suit both residents. One resident wanted something closer to nature, and the other wanted to stick to a masculine vibe.

The solution

Decorating the walls was a big part of the overall look, and the Avery Dennison® Organoid Natural Surfaces range provided a great answer, with help from Avery Dennison’s partner Integart, EasyDecor. Specialist installer Piotr Kryński (from Reklama Ufo) offered experience in architectural applications and took on the job. Work progressed surprisingly fast – much faster than ordinary wallpapers – and the team was especially pleased to see that there was no mess left behind from buckets and liquid glue.

The results

A finished Organoid surface on the bedroom wall transformed the room. As well as looking the part, it provided a subtle natural scent of hay thanks to the real natural materials being used. The owners’ reaction was a big WOW!. They said that it met their expectations exactly, and that it was hard to believe that the wall now is covered with real hay right from alpine meadows. It was clear that they loved the look, the smell, the nature, and a fantastic change in look and feel.


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