The Wrap Job Season 2

The Wrap Job is BACK! We partnered up with Yiannimize Urban to find the best Wrapper to join their elite team of applicators in a full-time position. Nine applicants have been chosen to participate in a head-to-head wrap-off for the opportunity, where only one will get the job!



E01 - Let The Contest Begin

In this first challenge the contestants will have just 5 minutes to wrap a wing mirror using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film.



E02 - Changing The Rules

In this episode the contestants complete their first round wrapping a wing mirror using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. When it comes to rendering a decision, however, the judges are compelled to amend the rules because it is just too close to call.


E03 - Who Cut The Handle?

In Episode 3 the contestants have only 6 minutes to wrap the handle using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. This is the final chance for all 8 competitors to impress the judges; regardless of what happens, 4 of them will be eliminated.




E04 - From 8 Down To 4

This time on The Wrap Job, all participants have finished wrapping their handles, and the judges must send four of them home. Who will be leaving The Wrap Job? 


E05 - Only 2 Can Go Through

In the fifth episode of The Wrap Job, four applicants have advanced to the semi-finals and are tasked with wrapping a bonnet. Despite the fact that they are working in pairs, it is still every man for himself. Only two people can go to the final.



E06 - And The Winner Is...

In the final episode of The Wrap Job, the 2 finalists team up with senior wrappers Nick & Kav from Urban Automotive to wrap an Urban Defender using Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film Gloss Light Blue. The finalists have only 45 minutes to prove that they deserve a spot at Yiannimize.

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