Nicolas Prost is taking part in the “Andros e-Trophy” this season, driving one of the three Renault Zoe 2 Ice from the DA Racing  that will be in the hands of Jean-Baptiste Dubourg quadruple title winner, and Emmanuel Moinel.  
The Renault Zoe 2 Ice has 2 electric blocks developing a power of 340hp and 1.600 N/m,  4-wheel drive and steering wheels with 250 nails for hanging on the ice. for a total empty weight is limited to 1030kg. 


"I am very happy and motivated to return to the Andros e-Trophy this winter," said Nicolas Prost. "The Andros Trophy follows its avant-garde policy by imposing electrical technology. First of all a huge thank you to Motul and Renault who support us in this ambitious project. I hope this year to be able to play the leading roles with the experience gained last year. We are committed to making the Renault Zoe shine on the ice. "

The durable commitment is not new for Nicolas - "I grew up in the countryside, I am a green person, I want to preserve the planet and the environment" confides the driver.  "I have a Twizy that I really like to ride electric for the everyday car, it's better because we no longer go to the gas station, we go home, we plug in… the electric has a lot of future".  He added  "I think that motorsport must go in the direction of ecology, not just in the electric car. Overall, events must also be increasingly green. We have to think about the global carbon impact, not just the technology. " 

So it was logical that the wrapping of the race cars was done with durable films with no PVC. That's why we supported the team with our super conformable non PVC eco friendly MPI 1405 EARS and DOL 6460 complex. The application has been done by Stephane Barret our French trainer.

Lot of parts of the cars have been also protected from scratches and impacts during the race with our PU protection film SPF XI


"Thank you for the support of Avery Dennison and looking forward to see you on a race" said Nicolas

The Andros e-Trophy kicked off on December 7, 2019 in Val Thorens. Six events will be run until February 1, 2020, the date of the Super Besse final. 

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