DOL Specialty Series Overlaminate Films

Premium quality overlaminate films.

Avery Dennison® DOL Specialty Series are premium quality films designed for use as a protective overlaminate films for digitally printed images that require special attention.

Avery Dennison DOL 4000 is an ultra-clear cast film, offering high transparency that results in excellent see-through properties. They are especially recommended for Perforated Window Film overlaminating, even for slightly curved windows

DOL 4100 is an ultra clear polyester film, recommended for overlaminating perforated window film on flat windows.

DOL 4300 is a polyester film that protects durable images against permanent damage from graffiti, paints and UV light.

DOL 4400 UV has been specially designed to use on digital UV-printed vinyl films using rigid UV-curing links.

DOL 6040 Sparkle is a high gloss protective overlaminating film with a special metallic finish for digital printed images on flat or curved substrates, for indoor and outdoor use.

DOL 6460 PVC-free is a premium quality, flexible film designed for use as a protective overlaminate film for digitally printed images where sustainable PVC-free solution is required. DOL 6460 series offer exceptional high gloss, superior 3D conformability, and colour durability.



• Excellent performance when used in combination with Avery Dennison Perforated Window Films
• Highly transparent
• Improves durability of image
• Protects against UV radiation and abrasion

Available products:







Product Data Sheet

DOL 4000 Ultra Clear Cast

50 micron

highly transparent gloss cast vinyl

permanent, acrylic based

up to 3 years

Data Sheet

DOL 4100 Ultra Clear Polyester

25 micron

super gloss transparent polyester

permanent transparent, acrylic based

up to 2 years

Data Sheet

DOL 4300 Anti Graffiti

23 micron

high gloss transparent polyester

permanent, acrylic based

up to 5 years

Data Sheet

DOL 4400 UV-Laminate Gloss

30 micron

high gloss clear cast vinyl

permanent, acrylic based

up to 5 years

Data Sheet


DOL 6040 Sparkle                    

76 micron 

gloss cast vinyl                              

permanent, clear acrylic based          

3 years         

Data Sheet             

DOL 6460 PVC-free

38 micron

Flexible polyurethane

permanent, acrylic based, clear

8 years

Data Sheet


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