7500 Series Functional Film

General purpose film to realize extra protection and additional design options of vehicle exteriors.

The 7500 Film range is a range of products based on the films used by Automotive OEMs. The range consists of functional black out films. 



  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent adhesion to car paints
  • Excellent protection characteristics
  • Allows application to slightly curved car exterior parts

Available Products:

Product Face Adhesive Durability
Product Data Sheet
7554 Exterior Blackout Film 150 micron black,satin matt pvc film
embossed with a fine grain
Permanent up to 5 years
    Data Sheet
7555 Exterior Blackout Film 200 micron black pvc
film,medium grained
Permanent up to 5 years
    Data Sheet



Technical Bulletins


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