777 Cast Film™ iA Tech™

The high-performance graphic film with the innovative solvent-free adhesive.

Affordable sign-making solutions that contain less environmentally impactful components should be available to anyone. Our 777 Cast Film Series now comes with a new solvent-free patented adhesive: iA Tech™.

The 777CF iA Tech™ Series is part of our Sustainable Graphics Solutions portfolio, giving our customers access to a whole new generation of more sustainable products. Each product in the portfolio qualifies by meeting one or more of our sustainability criteria.


  • Avery Dennison patented iA Tech™ solvent-free adhesive (metallics excluded)
  • Excellent cut & weed
  • Squared liner imprint for manual conversion
  • Very good conformability
  • Matched value for money
  • Outstanding choice of colours in gloss finish
  • REACH compliant – conforming to the latest environmental regulations


  • Reduced fossil material use (equivalent saving of 1.6l of oil per roll) when compared to 777CF with standard solvent adhesive***
  • Long-lasting dimensional stability
  • More time available between cut & weed thanks to iA Tech™ adhesive when compared to 777CF with standard solvent adhesive***
  • Up to 8 years outdoor durability
  • Up to 4 years clean removability

Product Overview

This innovation reduces the use of fossil material compared with solvent adhesives, saving an equivalent of around 1.6l* of oil per roll (1.23m x 50m), which is equivalent to reducing the emissions generated from 15km driven by an average gasoline-powered car**.



** Arrived at using the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

*** Metallics excluded.