DOL 3000 Series Overlaminate Films

For inkjet images that stand out and last longer

Keeping inkjet prints vibrant for longer is a challenge in the face of UV radiation, fingerprints, and abrasion. Our high quality monomeric and polymeric DOL materials provide an easy answer. You can achieve great finishes on both flat surfaces (monomeric DOL 3400 series) and on slightly curved surfaces that need extended durability (polymeric DOL 2400 and DOL 2800 series).

Adding a uniform gloss, matt, or lustre finish enhances colors to give maximum visual appeal. The entire range comes with dimensionally stable backing paper - ensuring excellent release and tear characteristics - and the smooth facestock gives you a glossier finish (DOL 3460, DOL 2860 and DOL 2460 series). You can choose from a very wide range of choices in width, finish and durability. That means you can meet many different medium-to-long term application needs, including architectural, fleet, indoor and outdoor graphics.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances your colors for a sharper visual appearance
  • Protects images against UV radiation and abrasions, on images printed using (eco-) solvent, latex and UV curable* inks
  • Excellent release performance for reliable handling
  • Reinforced tear resistance properties
  • Suitable for short- and medium-term applications on flat and slightly curved surfaces, both indoor and outdoor

Available products:


Face Adhesive


DOL 3460 Gloss

80 micron permanent,
acrylic based


DOL 3480 Matte

80 micron permanent,
acrylic based


DOL 3470 Lustre

80 micron permanent,
acrylic based


*Durability for printed and overlaminate-protected product

Product Overview