Safety and Emergency Vehicles

Safety and emergency Vehicles

Enhanced visibility graphics.

Vehicles play a vital role in safety. For first responders and commercial vehicles safety starts with visibility. 

Avery Dennison advanced light reflecting materials make vehicles easier to see in the most challenging environments and light levels, and meet certain compliance regulations. Vivid hazard markings, chevrons, conspicuity tapes and our emergency services prismatic solution can contribute to the right safety profile to most vehicles.


Safety and emergency Vehicles

High visibility solutions are designed for:

  • first responders and emergency services, 
  • road maintenance, 
  • logistics & utility fleets,  
  • school transport, 
  • and industrial vehicles. 

For approaching traffic, the sooner drivers can see stationary or emergency vehicles, the more time they have to prepare and pass safely.

Upgrade your truck and trailer visibility

Reflective films for commercial trucks and trailers, compliant with European regulation ECE104 Class E.

Maximum visibility for every vehicle

Chevron markings for full or partial cover of emergency vehicles and roadside services. V-8000 Series is used whenever high visibility is desired for critical safety and emergency vehicles. Conspicuity Tape is easy to apply to most vehicles for visibility at night.

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Avery Dennison prismatic vehicle film is built with solid construction instead of air-celled construction making V-8000 more durable, long-lasting, and easy to apply.