Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles

Welcome to the power of wrap! 

Wrapping offers an inspiring new way to personalise your vehicle - colour change or print design, with eye-popping effects, and totally unique. Avery Dennison provides highly innovative car wrapping products that are easy and quick to apply, with spectacular results.


Get inspired by over 100 colours

Always keeping a finger on the pulse of wrapping! Supreme Wrapping Film™ offers trend colours and all time favourites. Discover over 100 colours with dazzling visual effects including matt, satin and gloss finishes, metallics, and ColorFlow™ where colours shift in the light.

See your designs come to life

Create your own unique graphic design for your car. The MPI1105 Series brings excellence in printability, image quality and conformability to every vehicle wrap.

Protect your paintwork

Keep your car looking factory fresh with a protective layer against stone chips, scratches, and the wear and tear of the road. Avery Dennison Supreme Protection Films and Pure Defense series are the ultra-transparent solutions to protect your vehicle paintwork. Easy to apply, they are remarkably tough, and have self healing properties.

Tint your windows for comfort   

Automotive Window Film is the instant solution for privacy, and for protecting passengers from glare and UV.  Be cool! Select the level of tint - ranging from 5% to 50% light transmission - and achieve up to 94% glare reduction and 99% UV block.



Customize with Wrapstock

Wrapstock is a world first in car wrapping. A platform where you can order pre-designed wraps for your car. Designed by professionals, there are hundreds of ideas to choose from.

Car Wrap Visualizer

Use our Wrap Visualiser Tool to help you decide on a winning car wrap vinyl.  Choose from over 120 different colours -  Supreme Wrapping Film™ and Conform Chrome Series wraps can take your car wrap creativity to new levels.

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