Infrared Films

Shield IR 75 is primarily designed to be applied on the windshield. This is an optically clear film without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening. It utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy to keep the car cool and comfortable.

Key Features

Infrared selective: Rejects IR heat to keep your car cool and comfortable.
Excellent solar performance, with > 99% UV block.
Easy & speedy installation.

Application Areas

Glass Substrates

Private Vehicles
Fleet Vehicles
Leisure Boats

Avery Dennison® Shield IR 75

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Technical Documents and Certification

Product Product Data Sheet
AWF Shield 75 Data Sheet

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High Performance Films

High-performance films are made with a combination of a metal layer and a dyed film. Therefore, these films are the favorites when you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your car. They also provide a superior solar performance vs non-reflective. Within this series there are two different families: Avery Dennison® AWF HP Pro, for premium aesthetics & performance and Avery Dennison® AWF HP as an economical alternative.                                  

Non-Reflective Films

Non-Reflective films are designed to improve your privacy while maintaining a more natural appearance of the glass. This is what is called the non-mirror effect. As those are metal-free films, they will not interfere with any radio or GPS signal.