New Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrap™ Care cleaner, power cleaner and sealant


The premium finish made possible by Avery Dennison vehicle graphic films deserves the very best in after care - if it looks great, it should stay great.

The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap™ Care range includes a Cleaner, Power Cleaner and Sealant. These are professional grade products that are simple for anyone to use. They help matt, satin and gloss vehicle wraps cope with all the challenges of the road after leaving the workshop.


  • Protects & cleans vehicle graphics – helping to maintain the freshly wrapped look
  • Suitable for all car wrap finishes*
  • Fully tested with all Avery Dennison vehicle graphic films, including Supreme Wrapping™ Film
  • Easy to use water based products
  • An alternative to traditional car wash
  • No additional water required

* For matt finishes, we advise testing the Sealant on a small area first

CLEANER: General cleaning product for regular use – eliminates dust, light dirt, fingerprints and other marks.

POWER CLEANER: Extra power to deal with difficult localized stains such as bird droppings, road grime, tree sap and much more.

SEALANT: Provides a protective layer on the wrap, making it easier to clean off everyday challenges like dirt, bird droppings and tree sap.