Faster lead times and smaller minimum order quantities for Colour Matching

Big improvements to lead times and minimum order quantities have just been announced for the Avery Dennison Colour Matching service.

Lead time for the 5500QM Translucent films and 900SC films has improved by 25% - to 10 business days - enabling faster production. There is also a 33% improvement on Facade Film and 800PC film, giving just 14 business days commercial lead time. Some colour-matched films are also now available for orders as small as one roll, and samples are now typically dispatched within two business days of receipt.  

Fedor Nouwen, Owner of Facade Group, said that colour matching is an essential service “There are always projects where brand identity has to be matched with a very high level of precision, and The Avery Dennison Colour Match service has proved its capabilities many times. It’s great to work with a committed and very expert team - we know we are going to get what we need.”

The lab’s first ever colour match client, many years ago, was a petroleum giant that needed large volumes of colour-matched yellow and green films for forecourt decoration. Avery Dennison films are still being used on its forecourts.

What started with a focus on quality control for large projects has since developed into the bespoke colour-matching and pigment control service offered today. Hans Remmelzwaal, Plant Logistics Manager, said that the service relies on a lot of experience and skill: “People often assume that this is a push-the-button activity, using a scanner and a PC. In fact, colour matching can be extremely complex and we get much better results by using the experience of our team to match manually. We have access to every recipe used on file. Most films need 3-4 coloured pigments, plus white. All new recipes are tested initially in daylight. We also estimate any colour corrections needed, and then iterate until it’s perfect.”

Joyce Haken, colour specialist in the colour match lab, said that the lab can match almost every colour from either a PMS/RAL/NCS code or, ideally, a physical sample.

Ask your usual Avery Dennison representative for more details.