Solar Control Window Films are a breakthrough for sustainability and comfort. 


Exposed to the sunlight all day, fully glazed buildings have a major challenge to maintain a comfortable working environment. As the sun rises, so does the level of glare and UV, and the heat. 

Avery Dennison Solar Control Window Films are quick to install, and you can feel the difference immediately. IR and UV radiation is blocked, keeping the interior noticeably cooler without air conditioning.

Eurolabel is a large label solution provider, whose new headquarters outside of Milan uses Solar Control Window Films. Elisabetta Brambilla (President, Eurolabel) said that there were three objectives: "When deciding on the design of this new warehouse, we wanted to make sure every choice would be measured against sustainability, our employees, and production efficiency. Every system in the new building has been developed successfully with these three pillars in mind. Avery Dennison was a natural choice of partner for improving the energy efficiency of the windows, given their own commitment to sustainability and the range of innovations available from them. We have worked with them for more than 50 years and we know the quality of their products very well."

The office section of the new building is fully glazed and exposed to sunlight all day. To protect employees from UV rays, glare and heat while also limiting the use of cooling systems, Avery Dennison recommended their Hanita Xtrm Silver 20X and Xtrm Skylite 20X solar control films

Eurolabel calculated CO2 emission reductions of approximately 31,500 kg/year thanks to the installation of these products. 

Hanita Xtrm Silver 20X and Xtrm Skylite 20X solar control films are long life exterior window films offering both exceptional durability and energy-efficient solar performance, so they are an outstanding choice for commercial projects with a long-term service period.

Elisabetta Brambilla:  "The installation was completed a few weeks ago. It was fast and simple, and we began to see the benefits immediately - with the improved environment welcomed by employees. Responsibility is our strongest priority when it comes to sustainability, and this is one of many ways in which we seek to minimize our impacts."

As a leader in the Graphics industry, Avery Dennisons plays an important role in providing customers with an effective set of sustainable solutions and comprehensive product performance information. Our goal is to advance our own and our customers’ sustainability commitments, collaborating closely with key players across the value chain. For more information on our sustainability commitment, check out our sustainability brochure.