DOL 1000 Series Overlaminate Films

Premium quality, flexible cast vinyl protective overlaminate films for digitally-printed images.

Gloss DOL 1460Z, Matt DOL 1480Z and new Lustre DOL 1470Z support highly demanding graphics applications.

Thanks to a new formulation, our premium grade DOL1400Z Series offers improved transparency, outstanding elongation properties (up to 220%) and high printed durability: 6 years vertical and 3 years horizontal when used in combination with Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EARS.

These materials are designed to meet customer’s expectations for the most challenging wrapping jobs.



  • Extensive elongation, extremely conformable
  • Optimal transparency
  • Gloss DOL 1460Z and Matt DOL 1480Z finishes
  • Long term durability (6 years vertical and 3 years horizontal)
  • NEW Lustre DOL 1470Z for more customization choices


  • Easy application, thanks to new DOL 1400Z series technology with ultra conformability
  • Enhanced colours and vibrant visual appearance
  • An outstandingly smooth and uniform gloss, matt or lustre finish
  • Wider range for more customization opportunities
  • Excellent protection against scratches,aging and weathering


  • All applications requiring high quality finishing and long term durability
  • Overlaminate protection for MPI 1105, MPI 1104 & MPI 1106 Series films
  • Graphics on partial or full wraps on private vehicles and commercial fleets
  • Interior & exterior 3D design


Available Products:

Product Face Finish Durability
printed and protected
Product Data Sheet
DOL 1000 Gloss 50 micron Gloss up to 7 years Data Sheet
DOL 1100 Matte 50 micron Matte up to 7 years Data Sheet
DOL 1460 Z Gloss 30 micron Gloss up to 6 years Data Sheet
DOL 1480 Z Matte 30 micron Matte up to 6 years Data Sheet
DOL 1470 Z Lustre 30 micron Lustre up to 6 years Data Sheet

*Durability for printed and overlaminate-protected product, vertical durability


Technical Bulletins


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New Premium Overlaminates DOL 1400Z with New 1470Z Lustre

Excellent performance for outstanding printed designs. We have developed new premium overlaminates with superior conformability, and we have extended the range with a new DOL 1470Z Lustre.