Customize your caravan

caravan wrapping

Customize your caravan.

Relax in your caravan with a fresh, unique new look. Wrapping gives virtually limitless possibilities for colours and finishes, and printing your own design. Avery Dennison continuously innovates vehicle wrapping materials that are easier and quicker to apply, with spectacular results, including made-to-order products specifically for caravans.


Caravan Portfolio

The Avery Dennison® Caravan portfolio offers high performance digital printing media and a wide choice of colours for sign cutting and wrapping needs. 

This portfolio is designed to meet many different customer needs including several adhesive technologies, giving optimum adhesion to several substrates; a customized colour matching service; and a range of “made to order” products specially designed for Caravan applications.


Quick and easy window tinting for your caravan

Keep your caravan comfortable, and protect your valuables. Window tinting films block the heat of the sun and create privacy for your interior.

Protection from wear and tear

Keep your caravan looking factory fresh with a protective layer against stone chips, scratches, and the wear and tear of the road. The Supreme Protection Films and Pure Defense films are ultra transparent solutions to protect your paint and bodywork. Remarkably tough and with self healing properties, to help maintain the pristine look every day, and the future resale value. 

Get inspired by over 100 colours  

Over 100 colours with dazzling visual effects including matt, satin and gloss finishes, metallics, chromes and ColorFlow™.

Print any image or design on your caravan

Create your own unique graphic design with Digital Print Films that are amongst the best in printability, image quality and conformability.





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