Online Payment Terms and Conditions

These Avery Dennison Online Payment Terms and Conditions (the “Conditions”) apply to the use of the online payment of graphics, architectural and wrap training workshops offered by Avery Dennison supported by highly experienced professionals, and designed to help any installer or converter to improve their skills in working in graphics and certification services (the “Services”) for the payment of certain types of transactions as made available by Avery Dennison Materials Europe B.V. (“Avery Dennison”) from time to time through the Avery Dennison Graphics website ( 

Avery Dennison hereby objects to any terms or conditions contained in any communication of any kind from the Purchaser that is conflicting, inconsistent or additional to the Conditions. No waiver, alteration, addition or modification of the Conditions shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Avery Dennison. The Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede all prior or contemporaneous oral or written understandings, negotiations, warranties, or agreements of any kind. In the case of a conflict between the Conditions and a written contract signed by both parties, the following order of precedence shall apply: (1) a fully executed contract between the parties; and (2) the Conditions. The Avery Dennison reserves the right to modify the Conditions unilaterally. Purchaser shall ensure that he has read the Conditions carefully on each occasion that Purchaser uses the Services. It is strongly recommended that Purchaser retains a copy of the transaction for record keeping purposes. Avery Dennison has the right to amend the Conditions y from time to time unilaterally.

By clicking “Pay now”, Purchaser agrees and accepts the provisions of the Conditions.

Online Payment Terms

1. Purchaser Warranties

Purchaser warrants that:

(a) Purchaser is aged 18 or over;

(b) Purchaser has the appropriate authority to validly accept the Conditions and is able to and will meet Purchaser’s obligations in relation to these Conditions;

(c) the credit card used in connection with the Services is issued in Purchaser’s name;

(d) Purchaser will pay the credit card issuer all charges incurred in the use of the Services;

(e) the information supplied by Purchaser to Avery Dennison is complete, true and correct.

2. Payment

2.1 Payment may be made using only Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Avery Dennison does not accept other credit cards or debit cards.

2.2 The price of the Services is stated on the website and all prices are including VAT and other taxes, duties and/or charges.

2.3 The price of the Services and additional charges (if any) are payable in Euros.

2.4 All payments must be paid in full and by no later than the final date for payment set out in the confirmation email.

2.5 Upon completing a transaction using the Services, Purchaser will be presented with a confirmation screen verifying the transaction details Purchaser wish to process. It is Purchaserr responsibility to verify that all transaction information and other details are correct. Avery Dennison shall have no liability for transactions which are incorrect as a result of inaccurate data entry in the course of the use of the Services or for loss of data or information caused by factors beyond Avery Dennison's control.

2.6 Purchaser’s credit card provider shall effect the transfer of payment amount to Seller in accordance with the information provided by Purchaser.

2.7 Once a payment has been made it cannot be cancelled. However, refunds of payment are granted if certain requirements are met (see clause 6. Refunds).

2.8 Avery Dennison accepts no responsibility for refusal or reversal of payments, which shall be a matter between Purchaser and Purchaser’s credit card issuer.

2.9 Once the payment of Services has been completed, Purchaser shall receive a confirmation email with all details related to the purchased Services.

3. Payment Confirmation & Erroneous Payments

3.1 If successful, Avery Dennison’s third party provider will confirm that Purchaser’s payment was completed. Due to the way transactions are processed by the external banking sites, there may be delays of 1-3 days in updating your payment in Avery Dennison’s records.

3.2 If unsuccessful, Avery Dennison’s third party provider will advise that Purchaser’s payment has failed. Avery Dennison will not be advised why a payment has failed, therefore, you should contact your credit card provider for details.

3.3 If a payment fails, please contact Avery Dennison via email to check the status of your purchase.

3.4 Where applicable, if any payment is not paid on time or any payment is rejected or refused, the amount owing will be treated as overdue and Avery Dennison shall be entitled immediately to cease or suspend the provision of the relevant payment of Services until full payment has been received by Avery Dennison.

4. Provision/collection of information

4.1 Purchaser acknowledges that the credit card information supplied by Purchaser in relation to the payment of the Services is processed through a secure third party website. The only information supplied to Avery Dennison via the third party website is:

(a) The name of the payer.

(b) The invoice/notice number.

(c) The first 4 and last 3 digits of the credit card (for validation purposes).

(d) The payment amount.

5. By purchasing the Services Purchaser agrees:

5.1 To provide information through electronic means, i.e. Purchaser agrees to provide any relevant information, in the format and to the standards described for each transaction.

5.2 That the information supplied by Purchaser will be retained in electronic form.

5.3 To receive information through electronic means.

6. Refunds

6.1 If the purchaser is a company representative purchaser;

(a) Training fees will be invoiced prior to the training being held and must be paid in full prior to the date of the training.

(b) In the event of cancellation of the training by the participant, Avery Dennison policy states a full refund of the training fees will be given provided we received notification of cancellation 3 weeks prior to the training date. A 50% refund will be provided when Avery Dennison received a notification of cancellation between 3 weeks to 1 week prior to the training date. Refunds will not be given for a no show on the training date or when Avery Dennison received the notification of cancellation within 1 week prior to the training date.

(c) In the event of a participant requesting to reschedule the training, Avery Dennison would do its best efforts to find a new acceptable date. If such new date is not found, Avery Dennison policy states a full refund of the training fees will be given provided Avery Dennison received notification of rescheduling 3 weeks prior to the training date. A 50% refund will be provided when Avery Dennison received a notification of cancellation between 3 weeks to 1 week prior to the training date. Refunds will not be given when Avery Dennison received the notification of rescheduling within 1 week prior to the training date.

(d) In the event of a training requiring rescheduling due to Avery Dennison, the cost of the training will be refunded in full, or alternatively rescheduled mutually at a later date.

(e) Cancellation or rescheduling of the training must be notified in writing to

6.2 If the purchaser is an individual purchaser;

Individual purchaser is able to request for refunds of the amount paid up to 14 days before the commencement date of the Services as stated in the confirmation email sent by Avery Dennison and if the following conditions are met:

(a) All refund requests must be made by the Purchaser or credit card holder.

(b) Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment.

(c) Requests for refunds must be made in writing together with proof that Purchaser has paid the outstanding amount. Requests for refunds must be sent via email to

(d) Refund requests must include the name of the training name, training location, training date, attendee and payment reference number, as stated in the confirmation email.

(e) Withdrawals received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

(f) Refunds will not be available for Purchasers who choose not to attend a training.

(g) Avery Dennison reserves the right not to refund the amount paid if one of the above points are not met.

(h) Once Avery Dennison has accepted Purchaser’s requests for a refund in writing, the amount will be transferred to Purchaser’s nominated bank account within 30 days.

7. Security

Payments of the Services are made through a secure third party website and processed directly by the third party website using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. However, Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Internet transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be entirely secure or private and any information provided by Purchaser (including credit card information) may be able to be read and/or intercepted by a third party. Avery Dennison shall have no liability for the interception and/or 'hacking' of any data or other unauthorised access to information provided by Purchaser for the purposes of the Services.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 Subject to any limitations or exclusions imposed by mandatory applicable law, Avery Dennison is only liable in the event of gross negligence and wilful misconduct.

8.2 In no circumstances shall Avery Dennison be liable to Purchaser for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, damage or injury, including without limitation, loss of anticipated profits, goodwill, reputation, or losses or expense resulting from third party claims.

9. Use/availability of Services

Avery Dennison does not warrant or guarantee that the payment of the Services and/or Purchaser use of the payment of the Services will be error-free, immediate, virus free and/or continuously available or that the information provided through the Services will be complete, accurate and/or up-to-date. Avery Dennison reserves the right to suspend, amend or cancel the payment of Services at any time either temporarily or permanently.

10. Avery Dennison Website Terms and Conditions

These Conditions form part of the Avery Dennison websites Legal NoticesPrivacy Statement and Disclaimer, which apply to the general Avery Dennison website usage. By agreeing to comply with the Conditions Purchaser also agrees to comply with the Avery Dennison Website Terms and Conditions of Use. If there is a conflict between the Avery Dennison Website Terms and Conditions of Use and these Terms, the Conditions shall prevail.

11. Indemnity

Purchaser agrees to indemnify Avery Dennison for any loss, cost or expense suffered or incurred by Avery Dennison as result of:

(a) Purchaser’s breach of Purchaser’s obligations under the Conditions.

(b) Intentional misuse of the Services.

(c) Purchaser’s negligent acts or omissions.

(d) Any claim brought against Avery Dennison by a third party in relation to Purchaser’s use of the Services.

12. Governing Law/Competent Court

The Conditions are governed by the laws of the Netherlands. The courts in The Hague, The Netherlands, have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter in connection with the payment of Services and these Conditions.

13. Governing Language

These Conditions are written and governed by the English language version. Any other language version of these Conditions is for convenience and translation purposes only.