Window Film App

A mobile tool for professional installers



Window Film APP is a useful and convenient way for professional installers to select from the Avery Dennison portfolio of high quality architectural window film products. The tools in the APP allow installers to choose films based on glazing systems, to review product performance and to check product compliance with a film-to-glass reference chart. Create projects by room and window and easily calculate the amount of film you will need for a project, saving you time and money.

Make a fast project estimate with the ‘quick estimate’ feature and get a jump-start on preparing project offers for customers. Supported in multiple languages and measuring systems, the Avery Dennison Window Film APP can be configured to suit the region you are based in making it the ultimate global mobile tool for professional window film installers on-the-go.


  • Project Estimator - calculate both glass area and how much film is needed to do a job – automatically.
  • Need to make a quick estimate? Do it with our Window Film APP Quick Calculator feature.
  • Film Selector - choose the right film to fit project needs, and view full film data for a range of glazing types.
  • Film-to-Glass Compliance – easy reference of window film suitability on different glazing systems.