XTRM™ Solar Window Films

A whole new class of durable and sustainable solar control

Our new generation of long life exterior window films offers both exceptional durability and energy-efficient solar performance, reducing your carbon footprint year after year. Avery Dennison®️ XTRM™ sustainable solar control window films are designed for commercial projects with a long-term service period, and are backed by a limited warranty of up to 15 years*.

XTRM™ Solar Window Films deliver outstanding levels of heat rejection and UV block - giving a very significant reduction in cooling requirements and environmental impacts. The films are compatible with nearly all types of glazing.

For the demands faced by horizontal and sloped glazing, R SkyLite 20 XTRM™ and R SkyLite 20 XTRM Poly™ reflective skylight films use a flexible and resilient metallized polymeric film. The R SkyLite 20 XTRM adhesive system suits exterior application on glass, while R SkyLite 20 XTRM Poly allows exterior adhesion to rigid plastics such as polycarbonate and PMMA.

XTRM silver films for vertical glazing applications deliver exceptional heat rejection to boost a building’s sustainability. Their durability is limited in line with interior application requirements. For external use, R Silver 20 XTRM has been tested under extreme lab and field weathering conditions and offers proven endurance and performance over many years.

DR Grey 20 XTRM™ dual reflective film is based on a metallized polymer combined with nanotechnology, for excellent heat rejection performance and colour stability. The reflective outer layer ensures privacy, and a neutral inner layer uses nanotechnology to maintain views outside.



  • Outstanding solar control for less air conditioning and smaller carbon footprint
  • Warm, neutral, low-reflective interior layer, preserving ambience and views (DR Grey 20 XTRM)
  • Maintains daytime privacy
  • Bold appearance upgrades building exterior
  • Uses advanced nanotechnology for improved performance and colour stability (DR Grey 20 XTRM)
  • Challenging horizontal & sloped applications (R SkyLite 20 XTRM, R SkyLite 20 XTRM Poly)
  • Vertical applications (R Silver 20 XTRM, DR Grey 20 XTRM)
  • Excellent heat and glare rejection for interior comfort and more sustainable buildings
  • Exceptional longevity: up to 15 years limited warranty*
  • Impressive UV protection: 99.9%
  • Convenient exterior installation with minimum disruption


Just ask your Avery Dennison representative about a Triple-pane Compatibility Check & Thermal Breakage Analysis

Correct installation procedures are vital for maximum longevity. We offer a complete, professional training for certification of window film experts, who are qualified to install XTRM exterior films. Products are available exclusively to Avery Dennison®️ XTRM™ certified installers. 

XTRM films require edge sealing.  



XTRM™ Exterior Window Film Product Overview

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XTRM™ Exterior Window Film Product Overview

Architectural Window Films Brochure EN

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Architectural Window Films Brochure EN

Avery Dennison® Film to Glass Application Chart EN

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Avery Dennison® Film to Glass Application Chart EN
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XTRM Exterior Reflective Solar Films
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XTRM Exterior Dual Reflective Solar Film
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