Dual Reflective Solar Window Films

Sustainable cooling performance - with style

Avery Dennison Dual Reflective Solar Window Film lines are engineered with nanotechnology for long lasting colour stability and exceptional solar protection. These sustainability-enhancing materials use a stylish reflective outer dual reflective layer that reduces the glare and solar heat entering a room, combined with a less reflective inner layer that allows views to the outside. The result is improved indoor comfort, better daytime privacy, and a lower carbon footprint from building cooling equipment.

The materials suit both interior application (DR Grey i™) and exterior application (DR Grey X™), and all options in the range deliver excellent levels of solar rejection. Dual reflective window films are an excellent choice for commercial or residential retrofit glazing projects where it is important to increase comfort, conserve resources and maintain a neutral view to the outside for building occupants.

DR Grey i films are designed for interior installation on most glazing systems, with great solar performance and daytime privacy. Available with two levels of visible light transmission.

DR Grey X films reduce glare by up to 91% and combine daytime privacy with excellent interior visibility, day and night. They enable non-disruptive installation from the exterior side of the window, and are available with a variety of visible light transmission options.

DR Grey 20 XTRM™ dual reflective film, based on metallized polymeric combined with nanotechnology, delivers excellent heat rejection performance. The film’s dual reflective structure is a combination of a reflective outer layer for privacy and a neutral inner layer with nanotechnology that maintains views outside.



  • 99% UV Block - limits fading and damage from the sun
  • Impressive UV protection: 99.9% (DR Grey XTRM™)
  • Excellent heat rejection, saving cooling energy costs and associated emissions
  • Exceptional longevity: up to 10 years limited warranty* (DR Grey XTRM)
  • Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort
  • Warm, neutral, low-reflective interior layer that preserves ambience and views
  • Maintains daytime privacy
  • Bold appearance upgrade building exterior
  • Uses advanced nanotechnology for improved performance and colour stability
  • Non-disruptive and convenient exterior installation (DR Grey, DR Grey XTRM)


Just ask your Avery Dennison representative about a Triple-pane Compatibility Check & Thermal Breakage Analysis



Dual Reflective Window Film Product Overview EN

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Dual Reflective Window Film Product Overview EN

XTRM™ Exterior Window Film Product Overview

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XTRM™ Exterior Window Film Product Overview

Architectural Window Films Brochure EN

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Architectural Window Films Brochure EN

Avery Dennison® Film to Glass Application Chart EN

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Avery Dennison® Film to Glass Application Chart EN
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