Ships and boats

Ship and boat wrapping

Launch a new look. 

Graphics materials are a quick and effective way to brand your boat or give it a fresh visual identity.

Faster than painting, our materials for marine applications provide a solution for every creative idea. Above the water line applied, you can let your imagination run free for spectacular visual results.



Avery Dennison offers a high performance Edge Sealer that seals the edges of the installed film to prevent water and chemical penetration below the film. The long-lasting liquid sealant allows installers to continue to create stunning marine projects.


Get inspired 

Suitable for above the waterline application, discover over 100 solid colours for high quality decals, tribals, logos and ornaments.

Create a unique hull graphic design

Design and print high impact graphics to decorate your hull above the water line. With the MPI™ 1105 Series and laminate, great printing performance and quick application around curves and details support the applicator's projects.



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