Applying Facade Film

How to use Facade Film

The single layer Facade Film solution is specially designed to meet the demands of exterior application onto building facades, claddings, panels and window frames. When working with Facade Film, the following three stages are important to ensure successful preparation and application.

The three stages of Facade Film application:

1.   Preparation:
          a.  Elevation equipment
          b.  Safety and permits
          c.  Surface (cleaning, removing paint, glue, welding spots)

2.   Application:
          a.  Supply of material
          b.  Positioning large parts
          c.  Dry or wet application
          d.  Cutting material

3.   Maintaining:
          a.  Periodical cleaning

Facade Film is designed to suit substrates that are difficult or impossible to paint like anodised or powder-coated aluminium, steel, HPL and PVC/ plastic.