Applying Facade Film

Facade Film Benefits

Avery Dennison Facade Film brings fast, clean and easy redecoration of a vast range of residential and commercial projects. You can create a truly professional finish overnight, with minimum disruption to building owners, users and neighbours.


1. Uniform appearance, with optimum thickness at corners and edges
2. ‘Spray paint’ finish at all points
3. Reliable cover-up, using a highly opaque single-layer solution
4. Suits difficult substrates such as plastics, HPL, aluminium and metal
5. Maintains looks without chalking
6. Durability guaranteed up to 10 years
7. Zero drying time, for faster application and less nuisance to neighbours
8. Unaffected by dew point, humidity or rainfall after application
9. Application possible from 0°C for greater project flexibility

Facade Film provides a single-layer system, a ‘spray paint’ finish and double the durability of paint. It is an excellent alternative to paint, which often fails to give a perfect result on plastics, aluminium, metal and HPL surfaces. Paint also often requires several layers of primer, after which sanding/other cosmetic defects can still be visible.