Chrome Accent Film

Premium chrome finish vehicle accent film.

Providing an impactful, mirror-like finish, Conform Chrome films enhance the look of vehicles to provide a truly premium result when creating striking accents and special effects. Now with three transparent Coloured Overlaminates (COL) creating dazzling new color combinations.




  • Five popular colors available in Conform Chrome Series to combine with three availabletransparent Coloured Overlaminates (COL)
  • Conformability around curves and recesses
  • 3 year durability and outdoor performance
  • Patented Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology
  • Save time on installation with a repositionable, bubblefree application with long-term removability
  • The film is ideal to apply on or around existing wraps, such as Supreme Wrapping™ Film, to create accents and special effects


Product Durability
Product Data Sheet
Conform Chrome
up to 3 years
Data Sheet
Coloured Overlaminate (COL) up to 3 years Data Sheet



Conform Chrome & Coloured Overlaminate_PrOv_EN

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Conform Chrome & Coloured Overlaminate_PrOv_EN

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