Floor Graphics Series Overlaminate Films

Floor graphics vinyl films that deliver a lasting impression - promotions, decoration and wayfinding on floors.

Quality floor graphics vinyl films

The Avery Dennison Digital Floor Graphics Series give you more innovative, eye-catching and durable decoration and campaigns. Printable MPI™ films and dedicated DOL materials can be used across a very wide range of potential venues.

Our floor graphics vinyl films are available in two combinations, depending on the durability requirements:

  • MPI 3001/ MPI 3002 with DOL 5900 for 6 months lasting graphics
  • MPI 2001/ MPI 2002 with DOL 6000 for 9 months lasting graphics



  • Excellent image quality with MPI 3001/3002 and MPI 2001/2002
  • Optimal protection with DOL 6000 and DOL 5900 transparent matt textured overlaminates
  • Longer-lasting installations (6 months with DOL 5900 or 9 months with DOL 6000)
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Slip resistance and fire classification rating available
  • Optimal size configuration of 1.37 x 50 lm for both print MPI film and DOL 

Floor graphics vinyl film products:

Product Adhesive Durability
Product Data Sheet
DOL 5900 Floor Marking
permanent, clear, acrylic based
6 months
Data Sheet
DOL 6000 Floor Marking permanent, clear, acrylic based 9 months Data Sheet



Avery Dennison® Floor graphics series

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Avery Dennison® Floor graphics series

Digital Portfolio Overview EN

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Digital Portfolio Overview EN

Technical Bulletins


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